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Doctor Who Series 9 spoilers: Is Missy returning?

Stephen Moffat reveals his Doctor Who Series 9 masterplan for Michelle Gomez’s Missy

Doctor Who missy

Doctor Who missy
Michelle Gomez as the deliciously evil Missy

Michelle Gomez was so much fun as The Mistress this series of Doctor Who. Everything about Missy was genius and she quickly became a fan favourite. So it was marvellous news when showrunner Steven Moffat confirmed that he’s planning Michelle Gomez’s return.

“I’ve already asked her to come back,” said Moffat.

Sure, it looked as though Missy was blasted to death by the Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart Cyberman in the series finale Death In Heaven, but come on. It’s Doctor Who. People escape imminent death every other week.

“I can’t imagine anyone who’s ever watched this genre being convinced that she’s dead,” added Moffat. “The Master is never dead, no matter what happens to him or her. She’s entirely unzappable!”

We hope to see her back in Series 9.

michelle gomez doctor who

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