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Doctor Who Series 7 ‘Asylum Of The Daleks’ Dalek spotters guide

Every Dalek detailed in the first official picture from the first episode of Doctor Who Series 7

Doctor Who Series 7 Asylum Of The Daleks

Doctor Who Series 7 Asylum Of The Daleks

So Dalekmaniacs, what do we have here? Left to right:

1. 1984 ‘Resurrection Of The Daleks’ Dalek
It’s definitely darker in hue, but not necessarily black given the lighter patches – all the Old Who black Daleks have either blue or silver ‘orbs’ on the shell and ‘grating’ on the neck, so that rules them out, leading us to believe it’s one of the darker grey Renegade Daleks introduced in the Fifth Doctor serial ‘Resurrection Of The Daleks’.

2. 1988 ‘Remembrance Of The Daleks’ Special Weapons Dalek
No ambiguity here, we all let out a cheer when we saw this little bad-ass back in action – basically it’s just one big gun, with whatever viewfinder it has shielded like a little tank, rather than exposed as the standard model.

3 & 4. 2010 ‘Victory Of The Daleks’ Dalek
Larger body, bright colours and then the sheer fact there’s two of them here… it can only be the child-proof most recent design introduced in the daft Series 5 episode ‘Victory Of The Daleks’ – red is a Drone and blue (if you click on the image to enbiggen there’s a definite tint) is a Strategist.

5 & 7. 2005 ‘Dalek’ Dalek
New style ‘industrial’ rivets and eyepiece housing, plus new style dome lights – this is another no brainer, especially as the BBC’ll have plenty of them from the Christopher Eccleston/David Tennant era – in fact they’re probably all round the corner at Cardiff’s recently opened Doctor Who Experience!

6. 1989 ‘The Ultimate Adventure’ Dalek?
Lots of the Sixties’ Dalek designs had blue ‘orbs’, but none of the televised ones had a blue slat or gun mount on the ‘neck’. The unorthodox lollipop shape of the dome lights are consistent with their 1963 debut, but the colour scheme suggests ‘The Ultimate Adventure’ stage play, which alternately starred Third Doctor Jon Pertwee and Sixth Doctor Colin Baker!

It’s worth adding that there’ll definitely be a 1967 ‘Evil Of The Daleks’ Dalek in the episode:

Karen Gillan and Matt Smith with a 1967 Dalek

Did we get it right? Leave a comment and let us know!