Doctor Who Christmas Special 2014 new picture & title

Santa, elves and a very 80s pop title for the Doctor Who Christmas Special 2014

St Nick pays the Doctor and Clara a visit
St Nick pays the Doctor and Clara a visit

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With exactly a month until the 2014 Doctor Who Christmas Special – and Christmas itself, we guess – the BBC have released the first promo image from the episode, as well as the episode title (drumroll): Last Christmas. 

The ambiguity of the title suggests both the last Christmas on Earth and a Wham! reunion in which George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley help the Doctor fight off 80s-style villains to a killer soundtrack. We’re personally hoping for the latter.

Rumours about Clara’s possible exit from the show have been flying for a while now, but in the meantime she’s returning for Christmas and she’s in her dressing gown.

Watch a teaser trailer and a clip from the episode below. 

Last Christmas will air on BBC One on Christmas Day. You can buy The Complete Series Eight DVD box set for £34.99 from For more sci-fi news, check out every new issue of SciFiNow.