Doctor Who 50th “will redefine the Doctor” reveals Moffat

Doctor Who will never be the same after The Day Of The Doctor, promises Steven Moffat

Matt Smith and David Tennant as the 11th and 10th Doctors

The Doctor Who 50th special ‘The Day Of The Doctor’ will redefine the Doctor, according to writer Steven Moffat.

“I think you could argue it’s the most important thing that ever happens to him,” Moffat told SciFiNow.  “It’s the day, the day of his life. He’ll never ever forget this one, he’ll never be the same again. The very rare occasions when you say the Doctor will actually not be the same again. Yes, it will redefine him.”

One of the things we’re looking forward to the most about ‘The Day Of The Doctor’ is the chance for Matt Smith and David Tennant’s Doctors to meet. “It’s sublime,” Moffat assures us. “It’s really really good. Matt and David are magic together.

“Obviously they’re two fantastic actors, I think the Patrick Troughton/Jon Pertwee interaction was brilliant, it was just unexpected, you never expected them to be a perfect double act. Here you’ve got two men who are sometimes identical, they just go for moments when they’re practically turning at the same time and then they suddenly diverge. Matt Smith’s definition of it was it’s like Laurel and Laurel.”

“To make it simple, Matt Smith and David Tennant are two of the very very best actors working in television today, they are both carved out of solid star, and they are both standing on the screen together and, David’s not coming back after 15 years, he’s barely gone in a way, so he looks exactly right and Matt Smith looks exactly right and seeing them stand together, both of them are hardwired into your brain as the Doctor, is eyetwisting. I can’t get enough of the rushes!”

The Doctor Who 50th anniversary special will air on 23 November 2013. Pick up the Doctor Who Series 7 box set  on DVD for £34.50 or Blu-ray for £36.33 from