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Doctor Who 50th to involve Cybermen and Daleks?

Daleks and Cybermen could joint he Zygons in the Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode

The Daleks last appeared in 2012's 'Asylum Of The Daleks'
The Daleks last appeared in 2012’s ‘Asylum Of The Daleks’

Zygon creator Robert Banks Stewart, who wrote 1975’s ‘Terror Of The Zygons’ and 1976’s ‘The Seeds Of Doom’ for the show, let slip to Digital Spy that the sucker-faced shapeshifters won’t be the only classic terrors making a return for the Doctor Who 50th Annviersary episode.

“The Zygons are in there with all the others – particularly the Daleks and the Cybermen,” said Banks Stewart.

“[But] nobody yet knows what the plot of the 50th will be – Steven Moffat and his team in Cardiff, they are quite rightly keeping it all secret.”

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