Doctor Who 50th special will be “hilarious, epic and vast”

Matt Smith, Jenna-Louise Coleman and Steven Moffat talk Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary

Doctor Who at 50
Key art for the Doctor Who 50th anniversary

The 50th anniversary of Doctor Who is going to be very special indeed, according to stars Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman and writer/show-runner Steven Moffat.

“I read it and I clapped at the end, and I think it’s hilarious and I think it’s epic and I think it’s vast,” said Matt Smith, talking at a preview screening of ‘The Bells of Saint John’, the first episode of Series 7 Part 2.

“You will not be disappointed. I think it’s going to be the biggest, the best, the most inventive, the most exciting year for the show and I think this script delivers on all those points that you want it to for where the show is at this time. It’s brilliant,” he told us.

Jenna-Louise Coleman pondered what she could “say without saying anything,” but told us that “especially the finale of this season, without giving too much away, it really is epic, and I think it really is a treat for the fans of the last 50 years.”

“It somehow manages to pay homage to everything and look forward, and I think that’s the genius of it,” agrees Smith.

“To be the incumbent Doctor is the most, it’s been the most thrilling ride anyway, but to be part of it now is a huge privilige, a huge thrill. And we’re sort of upping the scale of everything, it’s 3D, it’s…I won’t say anything about it, but there’s a bit more for your buck.”

“Information content of that: zero,” laughed Steven Moffat. “We’ve been going for about five minutes, you actually know less. We’re subtracting information. That is my aim.”

Doctor Who returns with The Bells of Saint John on 30th March. You can read our spoiler-free preview of the episode here.