Doctor Strange movie junks the Marvel method

Why Scott Derrickson’s Doctor Strange could be the first in a new breed of Marvel movie

Doctor Strange as he appears in Marvel Comics
Doctor Strange as he appears in Marvel Comics

According to Badass Digest, Marvel Studios are breaking from their established template with Doctor Strange.

The site reports that the new film will the be the first character introduction to not include an origin story, which has been a major component of every Marvel Phase 1 and Phase 2 film so far – although less so in James Gunn’s Guardians Of The Galaxy.

There’s no source cited so this is best treated as a rumour, but the 2010 script by Conan writer Joshua Oppenheimer is being junked in favour of a complete rewrite from Prometheus‘ Jon Spaihts which will see the movie – directed by Sinister and Deliver Us From Evil‘s Scott Derrickson – open with Stephen Strange as a full-bore Sorcerer Supreme.

Which would make total sense if he’s already been namechecked by HYDRA as a potential threat as in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Scott Derrickson’s new film Deliver Us From Evil is in cinemas 20 August 2014. You can buy Sinister on Blu-ray for £6.76 at