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Doctor Strange movie casting gets plausible… and also not

Marvel’s new Doctor Strange casting rumour is 2/3rds plausible and 1/3rd nonsense

Marvel’s Doctor Strange, looking kinda like Ethan Hawke

There’s been no shortage of spurious rumours surrounding Marvel’s eagerly anticipated Doctor Strange movie, but the latest is not only a damn good choice but an incredible likely one.

According to This Is Infamous, indie figurehead Ethan Hawke is not only the studio’s latest choice – but he’s actually been cast in the role of Stephen Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme, already!

Ethan Hawke's cardigan in 2012's Sinister
Ethan Hawke’s cardigan in 2012’s Sinister

The site reports, “Ethan Hawke is their new guy, having offered him the role on Friday. I hear Hawke accepted the job over the weekend, and things have quickly progressed into contract talks, with a six-picture deal being what Marvel is hoping to lock him into.”

Ethan Hawke has worked with Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson already on 2012’s spine-chilling cardigan horror Sinister.

He certainly has the acting chops,the brooding darkness for the role, but the Gattaca star has largely avoided major studio roles and it’s tough to see him signing up for a six-movie deal in a Disney superhero franchise.

That said, he does have a 16 year-old daughter and a 12 year-old son who would probably lose their minds if their dad was a superhero…

If anyone’s counting, that makes this latest Doctor Strange rumour more plausible than not by two to one.

Doctor Strange will be in cinemas 8 July 2016. For more on the comics that have inspired the movie, pick up our 100 All-Time Greatest Comics bookazine now!