Doctor Strange directors lined up but who are they?

Marvel confirm 4 possible directors for Doctor Strange film, but who should get the job?

The cover to Marvel's Doctor Strange issue 5 by artist Frank Brummer
The cover to Marvel’s Doctor Strange issue 5 by artist Frank Brummer

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Marvel Studios have lined up four directors for their long-mooted Doctor Strange movie.

Last we heard, Marvel was rumoured to be considering The Dark Knight Rises and Looper star Joseph Gordon-Levitt for the role of Silver Age Sorcerer Supreme Stephen Strange. The screenplay, meanwhile, is being developed by Kung Fu Panda duo Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger.

The contenders are:

Mark Andrews

Mark Andrews directed and co-wrote Pixar’s Brave, and wrote Disney’s John Carter. Starting out as a storyboard artist and animation supervisor, he’s definitely a company man, but his live-action chops are unproven.

Nikolaj Arcel

A solid outsider choice, Arcel wrote the original Girl With The Dragon Tattoo film and directed the Oscar-nominated A Royal Affair.

Heavy on the drama and dark themes, he can definitely bring out the more alienating Steve Ditko quality, as well as the human drama, but given he’s also attached to Warner Bros’ Fables movie, it’s tough seeing him line up both DC and Marvel properties.

Jonathan Levine

The gut feeling is that he’d be better off with a more youthful character, as Levine has most recently brought a warm indie quirkiness to the underrated and under-promoted Warm Bodies and coming-of-age fable The Wackness, but smart teen horror All The Boys Love Mandy Lane shows his confidence  with more complex material.

If only he could direct a Spider-Man reboot, eh?

Dean Israelite

The real unknown, and therefore the most exciting, Dean Israelite gives us precious little to go on, although one’s eyes can’t help but be drawn to his 2006 short film Magician, describe as “one man’s journey to find the magic of his childhood, if he is to save his daughter and reclaim his past.”

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