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Doctor Strange casts rumours on Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix would be incredible as the star of Marvel’s Doctor Strange movie

Doctor Strange, Marvel's sorcerer supreme, as he appears in the comics
Doctor Strange, Marvel’s sorcerer supreme, as he appears in the comics

With Benedict Cumberbatch trolling the fans at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend (“Doctor who?”), The Wrap have a far more interesting lead for the Scott Derrickson-helmed Doctor Strange movie.

The site reports that We Own The Night, The Master and Walk The Line star Joaquin Phoenix is in contention, although to their credit they warn readers that “While insiders caution there is no deal in place yet, multiple sources say Phoenix is in consideration and has had discussions about the movie.”

Joaquin Phoenix in 2012's The Master
Joaquin Phoenix in 2012’s The Master

While previous rumours focused on Cumberbatch, Tom Hardy and Jared Leto, Phoenix is a credible pick for the character, having shown off his dark and brooding intensity as far back as Gladiator.

He might not be the squee fanbait of the moment, but he’s got the chops – even his bizarre turn in the meta-hoax I’m Still Here proves that he can do egotistical and self-absorbed easily enough.

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