Disney to enter the The Black Hole

Disney eyes up another sci-fi reboot.

PH84Ed98pPq2ag_1_mDisney is planning to reboot its 1979 sci-fi caper Black Hole, according to The Hollywood Reporter. This project will be directed and produced by Joseph Kosinski and Sean Bailey, who are also the creative team on Disney’s other upcoming remake Tron Legacy. In addition to this, Legacy screenwriter Travis Beacham is also onboard to write the script for this production. Black Hole is also one of the first titles to be presided over by new studio chief Rich Ross.

The original Black Hole was something of an oddity. Released in 1979 and touted as Disney’s most expensive feature film at the time with a $26 million budget, the plot centred on the crew of the USS Palomino discovering a mysterious craft hovering close to (you’ve guessed it) a black hole. Aboard said craft a nefarious scientist maintained command of an army of creepy faceless robots. One of these robots was the instantly iconic Maximilian, so expect to see more of him in this remake.

Information on Black Hole has been kept under wraps, but sources indicate this new version will focus greatly on the science behind the black hole phenomenon. SciFiNow will bring more information on this release in the near future.