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Disney Prince Charming solo movie is in the works

Prince Charming is the latest Disney character to get a live action solo movie

disney prince charming

Since Maleficent last year, which retold the Sleeping Beauty villain’s tale from a different angle, Disney has mainly been focusing on retelling tales we already know, but in live action form.

Remakes of Pete’s Dragon, Mulan and Beauty And The Beast amongst others are set for release over the next couple of years. But the studio has also recently announced a new story (kind of) revolving around Prince Charming.

No cast or director has signed up just yet, but the script has already been penned by Matt Fogel (Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs), according to THR, and David Hoberman, Todd Lieberman and Tripp Vinson are all on board to produce. The script has also been described as a “revisionist take” on the fairy tales.

The film is still in early stages so details are vague, but we’re guessing the Prince Charming that the story revolves around will be Cinderella’s prince. Technically, it could also be Snow White‘s or Sleeping Beauty‘s or even a new prince all together, but as Cinderella‘s eventual husband is literally called “Charming” in the 1950 animated version, it will probably be him.

However, that would also mean that Richard Madden (Game Of Thrones) would have to come back after his stint as the Prince in this year’s live action version of Cinderella if Disney wanted to keep continuity. Then again, if we include Into The Woods in the live action timeline, Prince Charming has also been played by Chris Pine (Star Trek) so continuity doesn’t really mean shit in the Disney Kingdom.

As Prince Charming seems to have no personality in their early animated version of Cinderella, they can do whatever they want with him and build the character from scratch. He could be a spoiled brat, or a womanizer, or the gay Prince Charming that we’ve all been waiting for.

Whatever they decide to do with the character, he just needs to live up to the tour de force that was James Marsden’s Prince Edward in Enchanted. He was really something.


Prince Charming doesn’t have a release date yet. You can pre-order Cinderella on DVD for £9.99 from Amazon.co.uk. Get all the latest fantasy news with every issue of SciFiNow.