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Disney cancels Tron 3 – game over

Despite earlier reports, it looks like Tron 3 won’t be happening for now

Tron 3
It looks as if Tron 3 will no longer be happening

Sad news for those who were looking forward to the third instalment in the Tron series (for the record we rather enjoyed it, despite the mainly negative critical consensus), as the promposed Tron threequel (referred to as Tron: Ascension in some quarters) now won’t be happening, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Despite initial reports stating that director Joseph Kosinski and stars Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde were poised to return, it seems as if the project was never officially green-lit. Production was poised to start in autumn, and there were even rumours that future Suicide Squad star Jared Leto was being approached for a role, but alas, it appears it wasn’t to be.

Although second film Tron: Legacy did well, grossing $400 million after being made for $170 million, it didn’t exactly set the world alight. Moreover, considering the lukewarm box-office performance of Disney’s Tomorrowland: A World Beyond, it seems like Disney is less willing to take a chance, choosing to concentrate instead on a release slate that includes the likes of Beauty And The Beast, The Jungle Book and Alice: Through The Looking Glass.

So it looks like this is it for Tron, at least for now. Still, you never know…

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