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Disney announce Marvel’s Big Hero 6 animated film

Disney announce first Marvel animated movie, the anime-style Big Hero 6

The cover to
The cover to Chris Claremont and David Nakayama’s Big Hero 6: Brave New World

Relatively obscure superhero team Big Hero 6 have been announced as the basis for Disney’s first Marvel animated movie, seemingly separate from the Marvel Cinematic Unvierse and directed by Winnie The Pooh‘s Don Hall.

According to LA Times’ Hero Complex, the CGI blockbuster will revolve around a team of state-sanctioned superheroes in the city of San Fransokyo.

Kid super-scientist Hiro Hamada and his robot sidekick BayMax will be the film’s main characters, and it’s worth noting that one of the team’s best known original members, Silver Samurai, is with Fox for The Wolverine.

“I was looking for something on the obscure side, something that would mesh well with what we do,” said Hall. “The idea of a kid and a robot story with a strong brother element, it’s very Disney.

“Marvel properties take place in the real world. We were looking for something to do where we could make our own world – bring in the Japanese influences, have recognisable landmarks mashed up with a Japanese aesthetic.”

Disney Animation is producing Big Hero 6, with Marvel chief creative officer Joe Quesada involved in the project.

Big Hero 6 is due for release 2014. Pick up Chris Claremont and David Nakayama’s Big Hero 6: Brave New World on Comixology for $8.99 (approx £5.80).