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Dichen Lachman to star in Star Wars?

The Dollhouse actress talks about the prospect of featuring in Star Wars.

download-1SciFiNow recently interviewed Dollhouse’s Dichen Lachman and amid all the Whedon-related banter, we managed to get her on the subject of Star Wars. Responding to rumours that she is currently lined up to feature in the upcoming TV series based around the franchise, Lachman had the following to say:

“If that’s true, then that’s amazing. If it’s the TV series then that would be awesome if I could do that after Dollhouse, as I am a huge Star Wars fan.” Following this she geeked us out with some frankly awesome trivia: “I can tell you that the Ewoks in Return Of The Jedi are actually speaking Tibetan,” she said. “I can actually translate what they are saying, which is: ‘What’s this? What’s this? Oh hurry, hurry, hurry’ mostly repeating the same stuff. So I bet you didn’t know that.”

On a final thought Lachman made it clear that, rumour or not, she would like to feature in this series:

“I am a huge George Lucas fan; I love those movies and that would be a dream come true – I’d love to do it, it would be incredible,” she said before suggesting: “Maybe I could be Queen of the Ewoks.”

Dollhouse season two is scheduled to air on 25 September 2009. In addition to this, season one of the series is available to buy on DVD and Blu-ray.