The Devil’s Business director Sean Hogan preps No Man’s Land

Little Deaths director Sean Hogan aims to shoot WW1 horror No Man’s Land in 2014

The tables are turned in Sean Hogan's Little Death's segment.
The tables are turned in Sean Hogan’s Little Death’s segment.

Sean Hogan, the writer/director of The Devil’s Business and Little Deaths, has shed some light on his upcoming World War I horror No Man’s Land, which is set “in the trenches of World War I where an English troop must fend off their mortal enemies, as well as something beyond understanding.”

Speaking to Fangoria, Hogan revealed that the film is on track for a 2014 shoot. “The script is basically ready to go, so we’re just trying to lock the financing now. There’s been a lot of interest already, and the hope is to secure everything we need at AFM so that we can shoot early next year. We have some of the supporting cast in place (some familiar faces we’ve worked with before), and hope to finalise our leads post-AFM as well.”

“Obviously there are a lot of visual possibilities inherent in a WWI trench setting – there’s no sense in trying to pretend war isn’t cinematic! – and it’s appealing to try and play on a wider canvas. Plus, I’m always interested in trying to place horror elements in different settings and scenarios; The Devil’s Business was a crime movie that turned into a genre film, and I suppose this similarly moves from being a war film into something else. There seemed to be something interesting in taking characters who are already in a life and death situation and upping the stakes considerably beyond that. And I also get to deal with a classic case study of the sort of class issues and subtexts that I normally like to write about.”

The Devil’s Business was an excellent, low-key horror with a wonderful atmosphere of dread and it will be very interesting to see what Hogan can do with a bigger canvas.

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