Details emerge on DC’s universal reboot

Keep checking back, we’re adding exciting new developments and rumours when they emerge

This isn’t the universe spanning crossover with a few carefully tailored repercussions that has been shaping corners of comic-book history since 1985’s Crisis On Infinite Earths, this looks like a bigger deal indeed.

Today DC announced that all 52 superhero books in their empire will be restarting with issue 1 from September (and debuting digitally at the same time), and many creative teams shaken up, some more controversial than others. The one promo image for the event so far, showing the Justice League, appears to feature a younger looking Superman with a slightly redesigned costume and shield.

It’s safe to say, given his cultural prominence that this ain’t Connor ‘Superboy’ Kent.

So far the following things are fact:

  • A Superman title will be written by Grant Morrison.
  • Deadman will be the star of Adventure Comics, which will possibly be written by Gail Simone given this extended culinary metaphor (my emphasis), “The news is true. I WILL be making two sandwiches starting later today. Fantastic, creative sandwiches! Is that what we’re talking about?.. I am psyched about working with the ingredients in my new sandwiches. A delightful mix of new and old meats and cheeses. Mmm. Old meats!… I don’t know what the other chefs are making, but my understanding is that some favorites will still be on the menu…. Holy crap, that Hawkman sandwich by Phillip Tan looks DELICIOUS! Wow!….It’s time for an adventure. Yes, we are walking the high wire. But I suspect the view will be amazing. Come walk with us.” NEW JUNE 2: Whatever Gail Simone is writing, it won’t be Deadman, she said, “Guys, I am not writing a Deadman series. I didn’t even know there WAS one, but it sounds awesome, I love that character. Can’t wait.”
  • Teen Titans will be written by current Red Robin writer Fabian Nicieza.
  • Birds Of Prey will not involve current celebrated writer Gail Simone.
  • Justice Society Of America will not involve current writer Marc Guggenheim.
  • Hawkman will be written by James Robinson and drawn by Outsiders/Batman & Robin artist Phillip Tan.
  • Green Lantern will remain with Geoff Johns.
  • Aquaman will be written by Geoff Johns and drawn by Ivan Reis.
  • Justice League will be written by Geoff Johns and drawn by Jim Lee, and will feature the pictured line-up. Lee said on Twitter, “Justice League was my favorite book as a DC Comics fan- favourite era was the 100 pagers for 60 cents with art by Dick Dillin. I won’t f*#k this up.”
  • The amazing Brian Clevinger isn’t writing Firestorm anymore, which sucks.
  • OMAC will be drawn by Scott Kolins. NEW FOR JUNE 2: And written by Dan DiDio and Keith Giffen.
  • John Rozum is writing “my first issue of a non-supernatural superhero series for DC Comics”, but the title isn’t known.
  • This doesn’t necessary mean the established continuity is being entirely thrown out, DC co-publisher Dan DiDio tweeted, “Who said anything about all the storylines being gone?”
  • NEW FOR JUNE 2: A number of Wildstorm titles are going to be relaunched too, one of which will probably be Grifter.
  • NEW FOR JUNE 2: Batgirl will star Barbara Gordon in the title role, this’ll be the first time back in the cowl since she was crippled in 1988’s The Killing Joke.
  • NEW FOR JUNE 2: One of the books will be Nightwing, proving indeed that Dick Grayson’s run as Batman is over.
  • NEW FOR JUNE 2: Female characters are being required to wear practical clothing, so gone is Supergirl’s little skirt.
  • NEW FOR JUNE 2: Batwoman, long delayed, is apparently waiting for the relaunch too, so that may at least be business as usual following on from the delirious Elegy.

And the following things are rumour:

  • Superman and Wonder Woman are to pair off.
  • More titles are to be fronted by lesser known characters, so be surprised if Batman is helming Detective Comics.
  • Action Comics may feature art from Rags Morales.
  • George Perez is rumoured to be working on at least one Superman title.

Heard anything new? Let us know and we’ll keep this updated!