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Defiance Season 2 shows “darker” Amanda Rosewater

Julie Benz on Amanda Rosewater relationship and showing the cracks in Defiance Season 2

Grant Bowler and Julie Benz in Defiance
Grant Bowler and Julie Benz in Defiance

Actress Julie Benz plays Amanda Rosewater in Defiance, the mayor of the titular town that’s home to aliens and humans. So far her character has been all work and no play, but that’s set to change in Season 2 if Benz gets her way. We asked her what she’d like to see happen when the show returns…

“I’d like to see her have a relationship of some sort, a bit of a personal life because she’s extreme Type A personality to the point where she’s kind of put aside any love, human connection. All she does is work and then she has a relationship with her sister, and that’s it,” she tells SciFiNow exclusively.

“There’s no room in her life for a personal life, and she’s not ready to even make that happen, so it would be interesting to see what would happen if she had a personal life. I think in Season 2 we’ll start seeing more cracks in her veneer. We just start getting a glimpse at the end of Season 1, where we start seeing the darker side of Amanda.”

One thing’s for certain, though: we’re not going to be seeing Amanda speaking any alien lingo. According to Benz, the character was meant to be fluent in extra-terrestrial as part of her peace-keeping role as mayor, but she couldn’t get her tongue around it.

“It’s very hard for me to learn for some reason,” she admits, “I sound like an angry little Ewok. I can swear in alien, but it’s really hard for me to sound normal. Jaime [Murray] does a great job at it.”

Speaking of Star Wars, the writers described the banter between Amanda and her law-keeper Joshua Nolan [True Blood‘s Grant Bowler] as being like ‘Han Solo and Princess Leia’. “I grew up watching those movies,” Benz tells us, “so when [executive producer] Kevin Murphy said this is similar to the banter between Han-Solo and Princess Leia, I was like ‘Oh god, I know exactly what you mean!’”

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