Deadpool movie will “get the fans stoked”

Deadpool movie is in limbo at Fox, but you’ll probably like it a lot

Deadpool movie

Deadpool movie
Deadpool is the very definition of a fan favourite character

Now Mark Millar has signed on as Creative Consultant at 20th Century Fox for their Marvel superhero movies, there’s a definite sense of hope about their various projects – including the long mooted Deadpool movie. Speaking on Kickstarter to promote his proposed comic-book adaptation of The Goon, director Tim Miller said that the film is in limbo – but that you’ll probably like it.

“We’ve turned in an amazing script and done some early tests and visual development that – I’m confident – would get the fans stoked,” said Miller. “And Ryan [Reynolds] still loves the project. So it’s really up to Fox as to whether or not the film happens – all I can do is hope (and beg periodically) that it be allowed to move ahead.”

Creator Rob Liefeld added on Twitter, “I think the success of the Deadpool game will help immensely and get the Deadpool film a green light… The single biggest blockade (blockhead?) is gone. Mr Tom Rothman has been removed from Fox. Not a friend of Deadpool’s… I assure you, as Deadpool’s daddy that Me, Tim Miller and [Mark Millar] have huddled on all things Deadpool. We will storm the castle!”