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Dead Space to scare on the big screen

EA’s space based survival horror gears up for Hollywood.

2305_review_screen_01Electronic Arts’ survival horror videogame Dead Space is going to be turned into a film, according to Variety. The production will be managed by Temple Hill partners Marty Bowen and Wyck Godfrey, and it already has Disturbia helmer DJ Caruso attached to direct.

Reportedly, Caruso and EA are still seeking out a screenwriter to work on this production and as of yet no studio has optioned this project. However, the trade publication has stated that September is the time that this movie will gear more towards production. Previously, a straight to DVD/Blu-ray prequel movie, Deadspace: Downfall, is the closest fans have come to a movie incarnation of this game.

Released in October 2008, Dead Space was a big hit for EA. Set in the 26th Century, the game put players in the boots of Isaac Clarke. After responding to a distress signal aboard the ship Ishimura, Clarke and his team find the ship to be abandoned. Soon enough terror ensues as Clarke finds himself fighting to survive against a parasite-like alien foe.

At this time no definite production or release date has been set for this adaptation.