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DC launch the new 52 with a cinema advert

And it’s not great, the advert that is

It’s awesome that DC Comics are thinking hard about the comic-book market and how to make an impact in this climate of declining interest and increasingly redundant ‘big events’, and the idea of producing an advert for cinemas in the US is great – but it requires more than a flashy montage of images and riffs. The whole thing is eerily reminiscent to the old Manga ident that used to prefix their videos.

What non-comic readers need from this is some sort of explanation as to what makes the ‘New 52’ different from the old, because they’re not getting that from this collage of the familiar. It’s probably nightmarish to put together, but how cool would it have been to get Henry Cavill in his new Man Of Steel garb introducing the DC universe, or even Ryan Reynolds with a Green Lantern poster in the background? Something that’s simultaneously awesome and engages some sort of emotional response from an uncaring viewer who desperately need a link to be drawn (arf arf) between comic-books and their lives, because as it stands it’s a bit of a missed opportunity.

Sorry, that turned into a bit of a tirade, Check out the video here.