Day One reduced again

The little show that couldn’t now a television film.

DayOne_cast-thumb-550x341-18220Day One has seen its commitment from NBC shrink again to just a two-hour direct-to-television film.

The show, which was initially scheduled as a bona fide series, then a miniseries, seems to have inspired little confidence at the studio, which has suffered a string of poor performances from its science-fiction series over the last few seasons.

Day One follows a group of survivors after a cataclysmic invasion event takes place across the world at the same time, with giant alien towers appearing amid the devastation. The trailer received a lukewarm reception when it was first released during pilot season, and although NBC says that it is leaving the door open for future instalments should it perform well, it’s unlikely that audiences will see more beyond the two hours now slated to air after the Winter Olympics.