Doctor Who 50th: David Tennant is “more swashbuckling”

Matt Smith and David Tennant compare Doctors for Doctor Who’s ‘The Day Of The Doctor’

Matt Smith and David Tennant side-by side in Doctor Who ‘The Day Of The Doctor’

On 23 November we’ll finally get to see David Tennant and Matt Smith’s Doctors meet in Doctor Who‘s 50th Anniversary special ‘The Day Of The Doctor’, and the two actors tell SciFiNow that they’ve been comparing notes, and they’re starting with their screwdrivers.

“Mine’s bigger!” laughs Smith. “Yep, it is. I win… on that one.”

“His is much bigger,” agrees Tennant. “Everyone’s is bigger than mine! Everyone’s since 1963 is bigger than mine! Well, maybe I just don’t have to compensate so much, maybe I’m very happy with my Sonic’s length. And it does everything that it needs to do.”

It’s not just the screwdriver that’s being measured up. “His TARDIS is beautiful, have you been on it?” Tennant asks. “It’s a beautiful set, very different to mine so I don’t feel like they compete. They occupy… it’s much more robust. The one I was on was always very sort of, it was a kind of organic thing, that was the look, like it was growing, whereas Matt’s has lots of fantastic switches, there’s lots of levers to slam. His TARDIS is my TARDIS, it’s all one TARDIS, it’s all one Doctor at heart.”

It is indeed, and Smith explains that exploring that identity was one of the most exciting aspects to play. “That’s been one of the great treats to act, actually. It’s been fun meeting him and it’s just a very interesting idea, I think, that he meets himself. And is sort of disapproving!”

‘The Day Of The Doctor’ will air 23 November 2013

“They’re slightly different Doctors, of course they are,” continues Smith. “David’s is more swashbuckling than mine, mine is a bit more, with girls for instance, they react very differently. Mine’s like ‘You’re a weirdo…’ and David’s is like ‘Hey!’ And yeah, they’re slightly different men and we’ve approached it in different ways. But they’re the same man.

“But that’s the great thing about seeing them on screen, you go “You’re the same but you’re different but you’re the same!” And it’s weird, because I’m a fan of the show and I’m really pleased there’s a couple of Doctors in it because I think that’s really important for the 50th and the fans to have more bang for their back as it were.”

For his part, Tennant couldn’t be more thrilled to be sharing the TARDIS with the Doctor. “Yeah! It’s really cool! It’s really cool to be in Doctor Who acting opposite the Doctor! It sounds ludicrous but it’s true.

“I think [Smith] kind of hit the ground knowing what he was doing, I think he’s got such a feel for it and such a flair about him. I envy his fluidity and his natural swagger, I think it’s brilliant.”

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