David Cronenberg’s Shivers remake shoots in 2014

Remake of David Cronenberg’s classic Shivers is confirmed

shiversA remake of David Cronenberg’s classic body horror Shivers has been confirmed at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Variety reprts that remake of the 1975 film will begin shooting in February under the direction of Danish filmmaker/actress/model Rie Rassmussen, director of Human Zoo and star of Angel-A and Femme Fatale.

Shivers (also released as They Came From Within) was hugely controversial on its release and announced the arrival of one of cinema’s most orginial voices, telling the story of what happens when “a genetically-engineered strain of parasites that turn people into violent, compulsive sex-addicts is released into a self-contained luxury apartment complex — with the resident doctor trying to find a cure before the infected inhabitants spread the parasites.”

You can buy Shivers for £18.99 at Amazon.co.uk.