Daredevil TV show confirms Doctor Who, Luther director

Doctor Who director Farren Blackburn confirms his involvement in Marvel’s Daredevil show

David Mack's cover art for Daredevil: End Of Days issue 8
David Mack’s cover art for Daredevil: End Of Days issue 8

Regular BBC director Farren Blackburn has announced that he’ll be working on Netflix’s Marvel TV series Daredevil, under the watchful eye of showrunner Steven S DeKnight.

The director’s tweet was since deleted.

Blackburn’s credits include the first three episodes of the much-loved The Fades and two episodes of Luther, which show his grasp of urban storytelling.

He also directed Doctor Who turkey The Rings Of Akhaten and the so-so The Doctor, the Widow And The Wardrobe, so keep him well away from Saturday afternoon fare…

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