Daredevil TV show: Bullseye casting, R-rating & more details revealed

Daredevil showrunner Steven DeKnight spills the beans on Marvel’s new Netflix series

Bullseye in Daredevil: End Of Days by the sublime Alex Maleev
Bullseye in Daredevil: End Of Days by the sublime Alex Maleev

With filming well underway for Marvel’s new Daredevil Netflix series, one classic Daredevil supporting character is conspicuous for his absence – preternaturally accurate assassin Bullseye.

Taking to Twitter to answer a few fan-questions, showrunner Steven DeKnight filled in some of the blanks… and you might not like what you see:

Bullseye won’t be in Daredevil (yet)

Daredevil might don his red costume

No sign of a Daredevil trailer (yet)

Daredevil won’t be R-rated :(

Daredevil is full of Marvel teasers

Kingpin is killing it

Stick is… nobody knows

Daredevil is influenced by Seventies thrillers

Daredevil is keeping his Catholic guilt

If anyone will give The Punisher a cameo… it’ll be Steven

Daredevil’s connection to the MCU is… nobody knows

Defenders is still in the early stages

 Goodbye Steven, it’s been a joy


Daredevil will air on Netflix in 2015. You can buy Daredevil: Born Again by Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli for £10.34 at Amazon.co.uk. For more on the comics that have inspired the show, pick up our 100 All-Time Greatest Comics bookazine now!