Daredevil spoilers: the red costume is “a hybrid”

Spoilers: Star Charlie Cox reveals why the ‘real’ Daredevil costume will shock fans

Charlie Cox in Netflix's Daredevil
Charlie Cox in Netflix’s Daredevil

In the build up to Marvel’s Daredevil, a large part of the hype has centred around the costume – at least what we’ve seen of it.

Rather than the class red costume, Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock instead seems to be clothed in a black ninja-esque attire, modelled on John Romita Jr’s depiction of the character in the excellent Frank Miller miniseries Daredevil: The Man Without Fear. However, as Cox indicates, what we’ve seen so far might not be the finished product by the series’ end.

“You can’t imagine the amount of work and planning that goes into these things,” says Cox, speaking exclusively to SciFiNow. “I mean, it is so important and expensive. What was great for the show is that Marvel spent the money on it. They did the same thing for the show that they do for the movie costumes, so they really went there.

John Romita Jr's Daredevil-in-training costume from The Man Without Fear miniseries
John Romita Jr’s Daredevil-in-training costume from The Man Without Fear miniseries

“I saw some designs of the earlier stuff, and what I can tell you is that it’s a really great hybrid of the classic, what people want, what they want to see, what they desire and need and what is in people’s minds as the Daredevil costume, functionality, and why it is the way it is, certain aspects to it for particular reasons.”

Inevitably, there is no way to please everyone, and the costume hasn’t been popular among sections of the fanbase. Again, however, Cox seems relaxed, confident that people will find something to take from it.

“The thing I enjoyed most about the show is that there’s a really great storyline that builds up. For me, I really love that. Some people don’t. I’ve spoken to some fans that don’t care about that. They want it to be ‘it’ because it’s ‘it’. But I really enjoyed the reasoning behind it. Why is there a suit? Why is it the colour it is? Why are these elements attached? What the writers did I thought was brilliant.”

Marvel’s Daredevil will be available to stream on Netflix from 10 April. Find out more about the comics that inspired the series with the 100 All-Time Greatest Comics bookazine!