Daredevil film depends on how the Netflix show does

Daredevil “isn’t popular enough” say Disney , but the Netflix TV series could prove them wrong

Frank Miller's iconic cover art to Daredevil issue 182
Frank Miller’s iconic cover art to Daredevil issue 182

Speaking to Disney shareholders (and word-captured by Bleeding Cool), senior executive Jay Rasulo was a tiny bit dismissive of the potential pulling power of Daredevil (and Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist – but fair comment in those cases), but admitted that if the recently announced Netflix TV series performs well they’ll consider bringing him back to the big screen.

“Marvel has thousands of characters, and it is not possible to mine them all with filmed entertainment,” said Rasulo, whose company will be releasing a film about a space tree and a racoon with a gun in 2014.

“While these characters are attractive characters they are not among the most popular… it’s not likely we would have made feature films about them, though if they are popular on Netflix, they could become feature films.”

Just a shame we’ll never get to see Joe Carnahan’s “Serpico meets Frank Miller” reboot

Check out Joe Carnahan’s sizzle reel below, and if you’re feeling particularly inspired, pick up Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli’s Daredevil: Born Again for £9.59 from Amazon.co.uk.