Cub trailer for boy scout horror looks to frighten TIFF

Creepy first trailer for Belgian boy scout horror Cub, playing at Toronto International Film Festival

The first trailer for Belgian boy scout horror Cub has arrived ahead of its appearance in the Midnight Madness strand at TIFF.

The Playlist debuted the trailer for the debut film from┬áJonas Govaerts. “The story follows 12-year-old Sam, off on a summer camping trip with his Cub Scout troop. He claims to see something in the woods, but it’s blamed on his over active imagination. But it turns out he’s right, and a feral child soon becomes an all too real, menacing threat.”

The films that have gone down well with Toronto’s Midnight Madness crowd have consistently gone on to be some of our favourites, from Oculus to You’re Next, and this looks very promising indeed. Fingers crossed, campers.

Cub does not currently have a UK release date. Keep up with the latest in horror with the new issue of SciFiNow.