Counting down to Supernatural’s big finish

We’ve got questions, Kripke.

7f954733081b67ffc9318c6ea21c798cThe season five finale of Supernatural airs in the United States tonight, and while we have to wait a little longer here in the UK to see it, we’re very excited to see how it ends. After all, the show has been building up to this since the opening scene of the pilot, and despite the fact that it was renewed for another year, we know that the main plot arc will be finishing tonight.

Supernatural has been a quirk of CW programming, one that has remained consistently strong and steady since it began transmission in 2005 on what was then The WB. Since then it’s enjoyed steady, and indeed, climbing ratings for the network, and critically it’s improved its score year on end.

As we wind down to the final moments of the Apocalypse, here’s a little checklist of questions that need answering by Kripke and Company. Needless to say, spoilers abound for those who aren’t up to date with the story.

1.) Are we ever actually going to meet God?

2.) What happened to the Antichrist?

3.) Will Crowley give Bobby his soul back?

4.) Will Bobby still be able to walk if he does?

5.) What’s going to happen to Adam?

6.) Will Raphael ever escape from the holy fire?

7.) Will Castiel become an angel again?

8.) Does Meg still have a part to play?

9.) Did any of the Croatoan virus get out before Sam and Bobby destroyed the plant?

10.) Will Death play more of a part in Lucifer’s imprisonment?

11.) Will the sixth season be a retrospective one?

12.) Will Dean say yes to Michael, in order to force Sam/Lucifer into Hell?

13.) Is Kansas’ ‘Carry On My Wayward Son’ going to feature in the finale?

14.) Are there going to be more seals to replace the ones that can’t be reset?

15.) Are there going to be new Horsemen?

16.) Is Death’s reveal to Dean part of an elaborate trap?

17.) Will there ever be another scene as awesome as Dean/Death’s Tarantino-flavoured exchange in the pizzeria (see below)?

18.) Will Jeffrey Dean Morgan put in an appearance?

19.) Will the series end on a cliffhnger?

20.) Which character is going to die?