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Could Planescape: Torment II be on the cards?

The fondly remembered Dungeons & Dragons spin-off could be revisited

Our buddies over at Play Magazine recently caught up with Obsidian Entertainment CEO Feargus Urquhart,and took him to task over a possible sequel to the ingenious Planescape: Torment, the 1999 PC RPG based on the Dungeons & Dragons Planescape setting.

“I remember right after finishing Planescape: Torment I spoke to Chris Avellone [Obsidian creative director] and asked what he wanted to do, and he was like, ‘I don’t wanna do a sequel!’ We haven’t talked about it in ten years, but it might be different now. But a lot of revisiting old games is about saying, ‘okay, that worked in 1999, what would work now?’ And how would you do it again?’

“We’d have to think a lot about it, because it would have to be done right, otherwise the fans of the original would be pissed off and new people wouldn’t get it. That would be terrible.”

Check out Play issue 205 for more of  Urquhart’s thoughts on gaming.