Continuum’s Rachel Nichols on taking over the world

Continuum’s Rachel Nichols on her favourite moments from Season 1

Continuum Rachel Nichols

Continuum Rachel Nichols
Victor Webster and Rachel Nichols as Carlos Fonnegra and Kiera Cameron in Continuum Season 1

A gripping mix of time travel thrills, corporate conspiracy, and police procedural, Canadian sci-fi show Continuum, starring AliasConan and GI Joe ass-kicker Rachel Nichols, as time-displaced supercop Kiera Cameron, has become one of the genre’s most successful shows. In an exclusive chat with SciFiNow, Nichols revealed how the show’s first season became a hit…

What’s the reaction been like for Continuum Season 1?

It was really fun. Actually the roll out was kinda interesting, because it started in Canada and then it went out to Syfy in the UK, and it did well there and people were fascinating, and now it’s come to the States in January. So it’s been nice to have three different waves of three different countries of people seeing it.

Twitter has become a really fantastic and interesting mechanism for direct interaction with fans, I mean it is a double edged sword – luckily I don’t have many people posting mean and horrible things – but the response to the show is really fantastic, and one of my followers said it best, ‘As soon as my questions are answered, I find more that need answering!’ That’s kind of what we wanted to do on the show so that’s a mark of success.

What have been your favourite moments from the show so far?

I loved Episode Five, the episode with Katie Findlay who plays my grandmother – I loved that.  Just the idea of family, and what it would be like to see a relative of yours before they know you’re going to eventually exist.

And then I was a big fan of Episode Eight, which was the robo-Kiera episode where she suffers mind control at the hands of Lucas and Kagame – I just loved the tournament, I loved the fight scene with Carlos heading to the gaming company and I just go crazy and start going on a killing spree, I just thought that was very well done as well.

There’s something to like in each of them, but those are my favourite. There’s tender moments especially in the second episode where the doctor is reunited with his wife after he told Carlos I’m innocent, and I was helping him, but the robo-Kiera and meeting my family I have to say were my favourites.

Continuum Season 2 is expected to air Spring 2013 on Syfy in the UK and on Showcase in Canada. Pick up Continuum Season 1 on DVD now for £17 from