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Continuum Season 2: “The lines will be blurred,” says Rachel Nichols

Continuum’ Rachel Nichols on Season 2 and what the finale means for Kiera and Carlos (spoilers)

Continuum Season 2

Continuum Season 2
Rachel Nichols as Kiera in Continuum Season 1

Continuum Season 1 ended with a pretty crashing bang in ‘End Times’, as time-travelling super-agent Kiera Cameron (Alias‘ Rachel Nichols) was exposed by FBI Agent Gardiner (V and The X-Files‘ Nicholas Lea). The Fed may have been called off by the mysterious Mr Escher, but that doesn’t change the fact that a muggle saw her in action.

According to Nichols, that’s just the tip of the time vortex when it comes to the unanswered questions that will play out across Continuum Season 2.

“I think definitely given the finale episodes, she’s got some explaining to do, a considerable amount of explaining to do,” said the star, speaking exclusively to SciFiNow. “Plus, given the fact that not only did Kagame come back at a different time, and sort of in a different spectrum, but Crazy Jason begs a lot of questions as well – is he really crazy, or is he from the future? When did he land? If he landed, how many other people- you know, there’s a lot of plots that are adding levels for her to pursue.

“There’s Kellog’s issue as well, plus there’s the fight to get home and I think the lines are going to be blurred for her even more between what is right and what is wrong, and what she’s really pursuing versus what she was pursuing in the year 2077.”

Kiera and Vancouver PD detective Carlos Fonnegra (Victor Webster)

As for the finale itself, what does it mean for the all-important dynamic duo of Kiera and Carlos Fonnegra (Charmed and Mutant-X‘s Victor Webster), her buddy cop buddy in the present?

“The relationship between Carlos and Kiera, for her, is becoming increasingly more difficult because he is her friend and he does trust her, and she’s going to him everyday and lying to him, essentially,” continues Nichols.

“They’re paired up in Episode 2, Inspector Dylan puts them together after she’s been cleared and then it goes through various oscillations, with him being very suspicious, with him thinking ‘How could I [Kiera] have all this information?’ you know. I think given the finale and given the disappearing act I pull at the end, to go see Crazy Jason, I think in Season 2 Carlos is going to confront me in the a different way from how he ever did in Season 1.

“It’s going to be unavoidable now, given what he’s seen.”

Continuum Season 2 is expected to air Spring 2013 on Syfy in the UK and on Showcase in Canada. Continuum Season 1 is available on DVD from 28 January 2013, pre-order it now for £17 from Amazon.co.uk.