Constantine TV show is more true to the comic than the film

Dog Soldiers’ Neil Marshall to direct more faithful John Constantine TV pilot for NBC

John Constantine on the cover of Hellblazer #281 by artist Simon Bisley
John Constantine on the cover of Hellblazer #281 by artist Simon Bisley

According to Deadline, Dog Soldiers and The Descent director Neil Marshall has been lined up to shoot the pilot for NBC’s Hellblazer TV show Constantine.

Marshall’s most celebrated – and indeed only – TV credit so far is Game Of Thrones‘ ‘Blackwater’ episode from Season 2, but he’s also working on Starz’ pirate show Black Sails, as well as Episode 9 of HBO’s Game Of Thrones Season 4.

Despite Marshall’s recent outings having dulled his reputation as Britain’s answer to splat-packers Eli Roth, James Wan and Greg MacLean, we can at least be assured of plenty of gore.

Given the disturbing art horror of NBC’s Hannibal, perhaps we can expect far more provocative content that you’d typically expect from a TV adaptation too.

Keanu Reeves in 2005's Constantine
Keanu Reeves in 2005’s Constantine

Unlike the not-as-bad-as-everyone-seems-to-think 2005 Constantine movie, which made the titular mystic John Constantine a dark-haired American (and Keanu Reeves), Bleeding Cool have revealed that he’s going right back to his Sting-inspired roots as a blonde Londoner.

Whether, like the comic-book JC, he’ll be originally from Liverpool remains to be seen, but after the character’s live action treatment so far, it’s fair to say that this is one departure from the canon we can probably live with.

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