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Constantine TV series casts Papa Midnite

NBC’s Constantine finds its voodoo king of New Orleans as Papa Midnite is cast

Papa Midnite will be played by Michael James Shaw
Papa Midnite will be played by Michael James Shaw

NBC’s Constantine TV series has cast one of its most exciting supporting roles, as Michael James Shaw has been announced to play Papa Midnite.

USA Today reports that the newcomer will star in the “recurring guest role” of Papa Midnite, the “Voodoo King of New Orleans.” He’s described as “a formidable magical adversary” and was previously rumoured to be the main villain for the series.

Historically, Papa Midnite’s allegiances have switched depending on what’s best for him, and he’s been both an adversary and ally for John Constantine. The character was played very well by Guardians Of The Galaxy‘s Djimon Hounsou in the perennially underrated film version.

It looks like it’s the first major role for Shaw, with an uncredited appearance on The Wire being the  biggest thing on his CV so far.

Shaw joins Matt Ryan as Constantine, Harold Perrineau as angel Manny, Charles Halford as Chas and Angélica Celaya as Zed.

Constantine begins in autumn on NBC. You can buy Hellblazer: Original Sins for £11.99 at Amazon.co.uk and find out more about the comics that inspired the series with new digital magazine Uncanny Comics