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Constantine TV show drops female lead

Constantine TV series drops Lucy Griffiths but who’s replacing her?

lucy griffithsNBC’s Constantine has taken a big step and decided to switch out their female lead in favour of another character entirely.

Lucy Griffiths played Liv in the pilot, a young woman who could see the supernatural world and found herself targeted by demons. The character sounded similar to the part played by Rachel Weisz in the consistently underrated film, but THR reports that Liv has been dropped completely and another character will take her place.

Stepping in will be Zed, a character from the comics. She appeared very early on in Hellblazer (issue 4), and was an ally and ex of Constantine’s who becomes a powerful sorcerer.


THR states that the show’s Zed is “a foil for the show’s title character who becomes his right-hand woman, has not yet been cast. She will appear in an early episode of the series, with additional characters from Hellblazer and the occult DC universe to be introduced later. Zed will, however, be the first to appear.”

A right-hand woman sounds more promising than a potential damsel in distress, but we’ll never really know how good the character of Liv was.

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