Confirmed: Torchwood to return

Barrowman confirms new 13 episode season.

torchwood_childrenofearth2-520x345Torchwood, the popular spin-off of Doctor Who, will return for 13 episodes in a new season.

Series male lead John Barrowman confirmed the news in a radio interview with BBC 2’s Steve Wright, while also suggesting that he won’t be appearing in future episodes of Doctor Who.

“I don’t know about Capt. Jack’s future in Doctor Who, because nothing has been said or I haven’t been asked. I’m kind of prepared that I won’t be in any of it, which is fine,” said Barrowman, who plays Captain Jack Harkness on the show. “But Torchwood, we are discussing the future of Torchwood because most definitely Torchwood will come back to the BBC.”

Expanding further on his statement, Barrowman said that they’re still not sure when it will happen, and that: “We need to work out the logistics of the filming, but it will be 13 episodes rather than five.” Torchwood has recently received stunning (by UK science-fiction standards) ratings for its week-long miniseries, Children Of Earth, prompting many to ask whether or not the show would have a full episode order this time. Barrowman himself was one of the most vociferous critics of the format change, but has shied away from the criticism since its airing.

In terms of Doctor Who, Barrowman will have another appearance in the upcoming special The End Of Time, which marks the transition between David Tennant and Matt Smith as the titular Time Lord.

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