San Diego Comic-Con 2010 highlights

Thor, The Avengers, Captain America, Battle: Los Angeles, Green Lantern and more.

2401_D014_00369R - cowboys


This was always guaranteed to be one of the most hyped and interesting panels at Con, and it didn’t disappoint. Favreau and his fellow panellists unveiled footage from the film, and gave a few interesting bits of information. Firstly, Favreau’s insistence on it being a Western first, everything else later was encouraging. He’s shooting the film in 2D for this very reason – he doesn’t believe that a film in that genre can be effectively shot in 3D, and we’re inclined to agree. The footage raised a lot of eyebrows in a good way, as well, with everyone agreeing that Daniel Craig was brilliant as Zeke, and the tantalising moments shown made them want to watch even more. Which is exactly what you need to do at Con, of course.