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Colman Domingo talks Victor Strand in Fear The Walking Dead Season 2

The Fear The Walking Dead star on his deliciously mysterious character

What can fans expect from Season 2 of Fear The Walking Dead?
We’re taking the show to the water. We’re taking the show to new locations on the Pacific. The fans can look forward to seeing new things they’ve never seen before. It’s exciting.


How good are you on the water? Are you a competent captain?
Before we started Season 2, I had to go and do some yacht training. They sent me to San Diego to be on a yacht for a day. I learned as much as I could, so that I would know what I was doing on the boat. Knowing that Victor was possibly the owner and not the captain of the Abigail, he should not know everything. He probably needs those six individuals a bit more than he expected.


What challenges have you faced with the water scenes of Season 2?
My character stays in the wheelhouse a lot, commandeering the yacht. When he has to get into the water, it’s for a really good reason and then he is challenged. That’s all I will say, but the water is definitely challenging.


What can you tell us about the different character relationships in Season 2?
All of the relationships are being challenged on this boat. They are all being challenged by this apocalypse, and the fall-out could mean many different things. Someone who was your son one day, could be your adversary the next.

- Fear The Walking Dead _ Season 2, Episode 01 - Photo Credit: Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC
Photo Credit: Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC


Madison Clark [played by Kim Dickens] doesn’t seem to trust Victor. Do you think it’s possible for these two characters to form a loving relationship?
Anything is possible, but these two have to wrestle to find out what this new relationship is. The apocalypse changes everything. The world has flipped upside down, so two people who may have come into this universe as adversaries could perhaps form a bond. I don’t know. We’d have to look into the minds of Robert Kirkman and Dave Erickson to find out the future.


Nobody is safe in Fear The Walking Dead. If your character had to die, how would you like to see him go?
How would I like my character to meet his end? I don’t want to give the writers any ideas because I would like to be around for a long time. I feel like Victor Strand would go out doing something ridiculous. With all of the fights and the drama in the show, he’d just slip on the deck.


Would you make a good survivor if a zombie apocalypse hit today?
Unless we were thrust into a situation like this, I don’t think we would know how we would handle ourselves. We have no idea about the stuff that we are made of and what we would actually do, especially when it comes to protecting families, protecting best interests and protecting the future. I think that’s why the show is so popular because we all have these thoughts of, ‘What would we do if we were in that situation?’ We think we know what we would do, but we don’t until it actually happens.


If you could add any Hollywood actor to the cast for Season 3, who would you choose?
Dustin Hoffman. Meryl Streep and Melissa McCarthy. We are going to need some laughs or it’s going to be a long, long season.


Season 2 of Fear The Walking Dead premieres in the UK on Monday 11 April at 2am (and is repeated at 9pm) on AMC, exclusive to BT. For more news about the biggest TV series, pick up the latest issue of SciFiNow.