City Of Heroes to be made free to play

You won’t need a Bruce Wayne sized bank account anymore

Hugely popular superhero MMORPG City Of Heroes is going to be relaunched later this year as a free-to-play title called City Of Heroes: Freedom, the existing monthly subscription service will be optional and come with exclusive content and assorted other goodies – a full list of the differences between the various types of account can be found here.

Explaining their decision, NCSoft said, “We’ve been planning this transition to Freedom for well over a year now. We believe this opportunity is the best way for us to provide more value to our devoted player base than ever before, as well as grow our leadership position in the super-powered hero online gaming space. Over the past few years, MMO players have been enthusiastically embracing ‘choice’. By making the transition now, we’re putting our stake in the ground as a leader in the industry, helping to define the future of the MMO gaming space.”