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Chuck to receive extended order

NBC gives six more episodes to spy-fi series.

normal_chuck-zachary-leviChuck, the spy-fi romantic comedy series currently about to enter its third season on NBC, has been given an extended order by the network.

The show will receive a further six episodes in addition to its already-ordered 13, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The article in question also states that the show will be returning in January rather than March, its original slot following the Winter Olympics. Recently, Chuck has been in the news for rumours that it may have possibly returned as soon as the end of October, which is more or less impossible now unless NBC decide to give a surprise airing in the next couple of days.

Chuck stars Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski and Adam Baldwin among others. The show follows a university drop-out named Chuck Bartowski, who ends up with a government database of secrets inside his brain, and therefore becomes the most important intelligence asset that the US Government has. Balancing his secret life as a CIA/NSA asset and his home life, he also tries to balance his feelings for his CIA handler with his yearning for a normal life. The end of the second season saw Chuck rid himself of the database, only to have a new and more powerful one imprinted onto his brain.