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Chuck producer plots space western

A new sci-fi/western crossover heads our way.

NUP_108633_1712rChuck producer Scott Rosenbaum has announced plans to produce a sci-fi western series, states The Hollywood Reporter. Rosenbaum will bring the yet-to-be-named show to life for the Fox network, and it will be developed by WBTV and Wonderland Sound and Vision. Describing his idea Rosenbaum states that the show will in some way reference Planet Of The Apes, and plot wise it centres on “a gunslinger caught between worlds”. Speaking to THR he said the following:

“What I’m really interested in is the revamping of the western genre where you still have all of the iconic western themes and iconic western tropes,” says Rosenbaum. “But the idea is that it will feel incredibly contemporary and will introduce the western to a whole new generation,” he finished.

This development will no doubt ruffle the die-hard Firefly fans around the globe, whom will be slightly confused as to why Fox cancelled Joss Whedon’s series only to commission one of the same ilk only a matter of years later. But with the same producing houses behind Chuck, Supernatural and er The O.C. behind this one, we remain positively upbeat.

SciFiNow will bring you more news on this project (including its name) in due course.