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Chuck Palahniuk’s Lullaby film finds a director

Lullaby finds a director for Fight Club author’s killer song novel

lullabyIt’s been a good few years since we last saw a film based on one of Chuck Palahniuk’s work, but it looks like the Fight Club and Choke author’s fifth novel could be heading to the big screen.

The Wrap reports that Lullaby has found a director in first time helmer Andy Mingo, who will co-produce with Josh Leake. The report also suggests that Palahniuk will co-write the script with Mingo.

Lullaby “follows a newspaper reporter who suspects an African chant known as a ‘culling song’ may be behind a series of cases of sudden infant death syndrome, which also claimed his own child. After he discovers the ‘lullaby’ has the power to kill anyone whether spoken or merely thought, he begins to use it on people both accidentally and on purpose.” It was written while the author was going through the trauma of considering the death sentence of the man who had murdered his father.

There have been rumblings of films based on Lullaby, Survivor and Haunted for a while now, so it’s good to finally have some movement. Lullaby is aiming to shoot early next year.

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