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Chris Weston draws comics, fights crime

Ex-2000 AD artist foils alleged bank robber with pencil and paper.

sandmanComic artist Chris Weston found himself using his own abilities to tackle crime in the same way as his creations, when an ill-fated trip to the bank landed him in the middle of a robbery.

Weston, who has worked on titles such as Swamp Thing, Lucifer, The Authority and Judge Dredd among others, related the story on his blog yesterday, in which he describes the sequence of events that led up to him providing evidence for the police. “Yesterday, I was forced to visit my local bank to pay off some of my ever-expanding credit card bill. I found myself studying this extremely charismatic fellow in the queue ahead of me… This fellow then proceeded to say something to the girl behind the counter that persuaded her to hand over loads of money.”

By the time that Weston realised what was happening, the alleged perpetrator had already escaped with the spoils, however the artist remembered several specific details about the man that he saw, and after leaving his details with the bank, rushed home to produce a sketch. “I held up my drawings, and the policeman’s eyes widened with astonishment! ‘That’s him!’ he splutterd. ” ‘Ere, come and have a look at this!’ he called to his colleagues. They trotted over, took a look and exclaimed ‘That is spot-on! It IS him!’. Seems they’d already picked up a suspect who matched my drawings exactly. I then spent the afternoon giving a statement… but I can’t really expand on the situation any further than that for obvious reasons.” Weston finally said that he did scan his sketches, but couldn’t publish them at the moment.

So there you have it. Fighting crime isn’t purely the preserve of comic book heroes, but the artists who draw them too.