Carnage Park first clip needs to start running

Ashley Bell is in a sniper’s sights in Mickey Keating’s Carnage Park

The first clip from prolific new horror director Mickey Keating’s Carnage Park has arrived ahead of its Sundance debut.

EW has the first look and talked to the writer-director of Pod and Darling about the film, which “concerns two bank-robbers and their hostage who find themselves in the sights of a psychotic ex-military sniper.”

Carnage Park is my total love letter to Peckinpah, and Deliverance, and ’70s survival movies,” he told them. “It’s set in 1978 and it’s a crime story [which] turns into a fight for survival. It’s hard to categorize in a way, because it’s an energetic crime movie that goes horribly horribly awry. I think it’s going to be something different for people.”

The film has a great genre cast, including The Last Exorcism‘s Ashley Bell, Cheap Thrills‘ Pat Healy and genre icon Larry Fessenden, as well as Alan Ruck (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off), James Landry Hébert (Looper) and Darby Stanchfield (Scandal).

Describing it as “a very, very, very violent movie,” Keating goes on to say that “It’s very much everything we set out to do,” he says. “But we definitely didn’t want to make something which is strictly about the violence. It was really important to me, first and foremost, to establish the characters. This movie is about the people as opposed to just the extreme circumstances they inhabit.”

We can’t wait to see it. Nor can we wait for his next, which he describes as “A sprawling, ensemble serial killers movie.” Sold.

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