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Captain America: The Winter Soldier’s real villain revealed?

Robert Redford reveals a potential spoiler from Marvel’s Captain America 2

Declan Shalvey, Chris Brunner, & Rico Renzi's cover for Winter Soldier issue 17
Declan Shalvey, Chris Brunner, & Rico Renzi’s cover for Winter Soldier issue 17

Speaking in a profile interview with The Straits Times, Captain America: The Winter Soldier star Robert Redford revealed that his character, Alexander Pierce, believed to be a high-ranking SHIELD operative, isn’t as he seems.

“I like the idea of playing a villain,” said Redford. “I did that just because it’s a different thing for me to do.”

Alexander Pierce isn’t a character from the comic, but there’s two roles as yet uncast – Red Skull, as Hugo Weaving won’t be reprising, and Aleksander(!) Lukin, the Soviet-era handler of the Winter Soldier.

Perhaps Redford’s Pierce is the Red Skull in his new disguise, a new Red Skull – comic-book longevity isn’t as easily hand-waved on screen – or Lukin seemingly reformed and joined SHIELD. Maybe he defected at a critical juncture and sold out his KGB masters.

Whatever the case, it fits in perfectly with the “political thriller” we’ve been promised.

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