Captain America 3 spoilers: the supervillain is… Tony Stark

Marvel reveal Robert Downey Jr and major comic-book story arc behind Captain America 3

Captain America and Iron Man face off in Marvel's Civil War
Captain America and Iron Man face off in Marvel’s Civil War

There may be a frustrating lack of traction on Iron Man 4, but according to Variety charm monster Robert Downey Jr has signed on for Marvel’s Captain America 3 – he’s also down for Avengers 3, as per his original contract.

Captain America 3 will be based on Mark Millar and Steve McNiven’s Civil War story arc, first published in 2003 which split the Marvel universe in two, with Captain America leading the superheroes opposed to government registration and Iron Man opposing them as the new head of SHIELD.

With Tony Stark set up as the antagonist in Captain America 3, it certainly sets up Avengers 3 as an epic set-to between the heroes established to date. Which also brings to mind the recent Sony/Marvel rumours

Spidey does have a significant role in the Civil War comic, after all.

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