Cabin Fever remake is being planned

Cabin Fever 4 is scrapped in favour of a remake of Eli Roth’s splatter horror

Joey Kern in Cabin Fever
Joey Kern in Cabin Fever

Eli Roth’s Cabin Fever, which launched the Hostel and The Green Inferno filmmaker’s career in 2002, is getting a remake.

Bloody Disgusting reports that a planned Cabin Fever 4, which would have followed this year’s Cabin Fever: Patient Zero, has been abandoned in favour of a remake, produced by Indomina and Evolution Entertainment.

The attempt to turn Cabin Fever into a franchise has not been an easy road, with Ti West’s Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever re-shot and re-cut without his involvement, leading to a weird mishmash of tones that didn’t seem to please anyone, and Cabin Fever: Patient Zero heading straight to DVD. The first still holds up, which is presumably why attention has been turned back to it…

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