Buffy The Vampire Slayer reboot is happening

Monica Owusu-Breen and Joss Whedon are working on a new Buffy TV series

There have been various attempts to get a new take on the beloved Buffy The Vampire Slayer going over the years but this time it sounds like it might actually be happening.

THR reports that a TV reboot of the show is in development from writer Monica Owusu-Breen. She’s the creator of Midnight, Texas and has a pretty damn awesome genre CV that includes Agents Of SHIELD, Fringe, Lost Alias and Charmed, and has been working with Joss Whedon on this new version, which will feature a black actress in the title role previously played by Sarah Michelle Gellar (and let’s not forget Kristy Swanson).

Whedon will be an executive producer on the show, but his involvement will presumably be limited given his commitment to his new HBO series The Nevers.

The project has been set up at 20th Century Fox but it’s going to be offered up to networks and streaming services later this summer (and we have to imagine that it shouldn’t have too much trouble finding one).

And beyond that, details are sketchy at best. There’s no casting news, and THR’s sources say the show “will be contemporary and build on the mythology of the original. Like today’s world, the new Buffy will be richly diverse, with some aspects of the series, like the flagship, seen as metaphors for issues facing society today.” Apparently a lot of the finer points are still in flux, but it will be interesting to know just how much of a reboot the show will be. Given that into each generation a slayer is born, a straight-up sequel would have made a fair amount of sense (because yes, it’s been that long since the show was on and we are all now that old), but we’ll have to wait and see.

Some of the producers from the original series are on board, including Gail Berman, Fran Kazui and Kaz Kazui.

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