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Bryan Fuller on Hannibal Season 4 talks: “I have the story”

Bryan Fuller lets us know when he can start pitching Hannibal again

If, like us, your heart is still bleeding a little (or a lot) due to Hannibal‘s untimely cancellation, Bryan Fuller is here to offer you a little ray of hope.

In an interview with Collider, Fuller told us that conversations about picking up the beloved series can resume next year.

“Two years after the last airing of the show, we can investigate our options […] August 2017 is when we can actually start talking about it,” he said. “That’s when we would have to see what the rights are for the character and for the story, and see who’s interested and how we get it done. I have the story, and the cast is excited for the story, so we’re ready to go if somebody wants to go.”

Indeed, the cast has consistently expressed their desire to return to these characters, and there’s no doubting the passion of the Fannibals when it comes to a demand for more episodes. However, they are extremely busy.

“The cast is game, I’m game, it’s just a matter of finding the right time where everybody’s schedules sync up, but I would love to continue to tell the story with Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen,” Fuller continued. “They’re such a fantastic collaborators, and one of the most satisfying actor-showrunner relationships I’ve ever had in this industry. So I would love to continue this story.”


Fuller also has a lot on his plate at the moment. He’s co-showrunning Starz’ American Gods TV series with Michael Green (and working with a lot of his Hannibal collaborators, which is brilliant), and he’s also creating CBS’ new Star Trek TV series, which is obviously a huge deal.

Still, if everyone can make it work, we are dying to see the story resume, and Fuller and co has spoken about finally getting into the Silence Of The Lambs storyline…And hey, if they can’t make another TV season work, we’ll definitely settle for a movie!

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